Gap fillers

HannoBand gap fillers

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Gap fillers are primarily used for filling gaps as part of the housing in appliances in engineering, automotive and household industry. The HannoBand family of products provides a solution in these areas. Gap fillers can be used to solve acoustic problems in case of doors and windows caused by faulty fillings.

Product specifications

  • DIN 18542:2009, durability class: 2 (Material Testing Agency), Hanover
  • 5-year working warranty (in case of prescribed requirements by the producer)
  • Fulfils the DIN EN12207, class 3 requirements (original denomination: DIN 18055, class C), which includes air-permeable conditions and water tightness against heavy raining.
  • Resists the heavy raining (EN 1027) ≥ 300 Pa (≤ 600 Pa value can be reached depending on the width of the junction and the compression.)
  • The emission of pollutants is very low. EMICODE®-EC1 Plus

Area of application

Gap fillers are primary used in universal used structural technical works at the connections to fill. Primary areas of application are window, wood, prefabricated structures and the product is even usable for bricklaying, superstructures and concrete shuttering. The HannoBand has significant vantages in the case of: connections, other kinds of moving connections, between two other component elements, for filling in order to reach wind resistance. The products can be bought in forms of pressed, rolled and it this way easily to post and formable to the connections. The gap filler reaches its final form after use in 24 hours.

Photos of the product

HannoBand gap fillers HannoBand gap fillers HannoBand gap fillers
Name of the productWidthLengthThicknessBuying
BG110 mm12 m12 mmBUYING
BG215 mm12 m12 mmBUYING