TechFoam Hungary LLC. is a 100 % Hungarian owned company, established in 2007. Our company is in the first place dealing with the distribution of various sound and vibration proofing materials (both retail and wholesale trade) and with related professional consulting (noise measurement, evaluation of measurement records, professional advice for noise reduction, design and implementation of sound and vibration proofing establishments, activities). Sound absorbing foams, sound insulating felts, and soundproofing sheets give the main line of our company’s product range. Whether it is a simple everyday problem or a specific one, we are at our clients’ disposal.

As a result of our continuous development our showroom and warehouse moved to a 300 m² building complex in the summer of 2011, which can be found at the following address: H-1183. – Budapest, Felsőcsatári út 15. Our company puts a great emphasis on the professional consulting in order to find the proper products and solutions – both in case of individual and industrial partners.

In the spring of 2013 our company intended to extend the business profile, therefore - besides our warehouse and showroom in Budapest - we established a new office in Veszprém. Our new office is the department of our expert team, registered by the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers and the Medical Licensing and Administrative Office. Our new department is cooperating with the commercial line and together we can offer now a complex service with quick and flexible conditions to meet our clients’ requirements.

The main purpose of our website is to present the full range of our company’s services, as well as to allow our clients to learn more about our products, raw materials, and also the fields of application and solutions in sound and vibration proofing, offered by our company.

Our company is the exclusive distributor of the soundproofing materials of Hanno Werk GmbH & Co. KG in Hungary. We make the most of the direct support from the manufacturer; the customer has the opportunity to contact directly with the manufacturer along with the realization of his custom-designed conception. Our principle is the flexible and quantity-dependent pricing to be at our clients’ service.

Besides retail trade, TechFoam Hungary LLC. puts a great emphasis on the building of its network of distributors and wholesale trade along with the aim of being the exclusive distributor of the manufacturer companies, according to the demands of the Hungarian market. Our quantity-dependent pricing has been elaborated regarding the upper mentioned tendency. It gives our company the possibility to be able to provide both short and long term competitiveness to our resellers, and discount for our customers who buy large quantities of our products.

Our client’s expectations determine our working. Our top quality products, the continuous development of them and the best price/value ratio ensure the mutual satisfaction and long term cooperation between us and our partners. Our goal is to share our knowledge with everyone who turns to us, may it be a professional user or someone who would like to find a solution for a household noise problem, or any other occurring and ’annoying’ noise problem. Besides the classic noise reduction fields, we put more and more emphasis on the prevention. We aspire to be part of the process right from the design phase in the field of industrial application, since this way we cooperate with our customers in finding the best solution for sound and vibration proofing – in order to avoid the necessity of the subsequent solutions.

Regarding noise and vibration issues, problems, as well as questions about our services, products or prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We believe that noise pollution is one of the most important environmental issues, affecting our health condition similar to air pollution or water pollution. We believe that appropriate attention and expertise can prevent or handle noise and vibration problems in long term period according to the social demands.

Our principles

TechFoam Hungary LLC. is at your service; definitely opened for the new technologies, paying special attention for the environment, and interested in long term and successful cooperation. During our business activity we consider the high-quality work and the satisfaction of our clients in particular.

Our company deals primarily with the trade of sound and vibration proofing materials that offer also preventive and subsequent solutions in a simple and environmental friendly way. The primary consideration of effective noise insulation must be the effective absorption of the sound energy generated by the noise source. To achieve the best solution, the way of the application of the product, the proper sequence of the layers and the quality and formation of the holding layer is essential. We offer quick responding professional consultation, free of charge.

During our everyday work we strive to meet the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development. We continuously follow the trends of science and the development of new technologies, integrating them into our daily practice.

We are kindly waiting for our customers’ personal visit at both of our offices, with user-friendly service, guaranteeing high quality of the products and services.